Institute of LyFe

1 hour 8 mins by Only The Guilty Gets Offended |

On this special episode of Only The Guilty Gets Offended Quaniece has a heart to heart sit down with Coach Pernell Edwards, a Certified Exercise Physiologist. Pernell goes over the trials and tribulations he has had to endure, such as heartbreak and an injury that led him to be on crutches for over eight months. Now two and a half years later he is CEO of his own business, Institute of LyFe. Pernell has taken his struggles and challenges and turned them into a positive. He developed a passion for helping people with injuries and fighting disease with fitness, while also educating and being each of his clients support system. He uses "genuine integrity" to challenge each of his clients, encouraging them and supporting them to live a more fulfilling life, by taking care of themselves mind, body, and spirit.
His first major event the Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar will be on November 5th 2016 at 10am followed by a Yoga-Pilates flow class.
Location: 752 Bloomfield Avenue, Windsor CT 06095
Cost:$5 donation
100% of all proceeds will go to Susan G Komen research